What is a belt drive and why should I get one?

There are three common types of garage door openers available on the market for consumers: a belt drive, screw drive, and chain drive. What distinguishes a belt drive from the other openers is strictly, quietness. The belt drive is the quietest opener available because it operates with a rubber belt, eliminating the metal on metal squeaking you would get with a chain drive. Consequently, the rubber element allows for a smoother ride for your garage door diminishing binding, swaying, vibrating, and or jumping.

Over time, the least amount of wear-n-tear experienced by your door or opener the better as the energy output can remain constant without any overloads. Therefore, due to its steel reinforced rubber, belt drives are more durable and long term oriented. Depending on the size of your door, belt drives can accommodate with three horsepower sizes starting with: ¼, ½, and ¾.

Currently, the Marantec M50 is at the top of our lists for belt drive openers for the following reasons:
  • Carries 500 newtons of power which is equivalent to 112 lbs.
  • Operates fully as a digital system making programming super easy
  • Comes with an advanced c-channel rail and is fully assembled
  • Equipped with transmitters for wireless keyless entry and multi-function wall stations
  • Includes a photo eye infrared safety system and inherent reversal system
  • Supports door heights of 7ft., 8ft., and 10 ft.
  • Opener is light weight weighing in at 9lbs.
  • Manufacturer provides a 2 year limited parts warranty and a 10 year limited warranty on the motor