Springs, the Element Your Garage Door System Relies On

Garage door torsion springs are the “counter balance” in your garage door system that make it easy for your door to move up and down manually. When installed correctly, they should reduce the weight of the door to within a few pounds! However, torsion springs are just metal, and like all metal, they do wear down after long-term and consistent movement (for most springs that is about 10,000 cycles). When they finally do break (on average after 6-10 years depending on weather conditions, quality of metal, etc.), they tend to make a loud pop or bang sound when the 150+pounds of torque are released at once! It is not always that a torsion spring breaks as they can simply lose their ability to hold tension and fail to lift the door.

If your springs are not working properly don’t try to open the door by using your motor as it can severely damage it. Instead contact us! We can have your spring replaced usually within an hour or less.
We always stand behind our work and products! The shortest-term warranty on the smaller springs we carry start at 2 years, going all the way up to our LIFETIME Warranty springs. Call us to get scheduled today 512-693-4848