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Steel garage doors can be painted by using most any high-grade latex based paint. Wood doors are usually required to be repainted/stained every 3-4 years to keep its original look. We can accommodate any painting or staining needs that you may have.
The garage door is one of the biggest and heaviest moving objects in most homes these days. It is recommended that your door system is serviced annually to ensure everything is working properly and you get the most life out of your door system. Call us today for your Tune-up Special!
Garage door repair and maintenance service requires professional training to ensure the longevity of your system. Not having the essential knowledge means you are more likely to spend extra money in the long run if the system was not balanced, tuned, and checked properly. A lot of handyman individuals can take care of minor maintenance issues with the door, but when it comes to the major stuff we highly recommend you seek out professionals to ensure the safety of your garage door system and your family. Not to mention, we offer a one year warranty over all of our tune-up and maintenance services.
If you have one or more bent panels on your garage door, you are probably wondering if you can replace just one of them. Replacement panels are available for most steel and wood doors if the model of the door is still in its current manufacturing date. Direct sunlight and weather exposure will fade the color of the existing panels, so you normally will need to paint the door after replacing an individual panel. Call and inquire about our “panel and paint” package to save time and money.
Another common garage door question we get in Austin, “Is there a difference between the garage door motors you sell and the ones I can purchase from major hardware stores?” The garage door motor systems we provide are professional brand openers that are constructed with solid steel rail rather than a three-piece, snap-together rail unit made for box stores. The snap pieces make for a much more wobbly movement and tend to produce more noise than our units. In addition, we offer a full warranty on all of our motors so you can have piece of mind that your motor will be there for years to come.
Garage door rollers are one of the most overlooked components of a door and they should not be taken lightly. Garage door rollers are the points where the load bearing areas are located. Most contractor grade rollers installed with doors are just plastic bearing rollers. These wear down significantly faster than the high-grade Nylon 11-ball bearing rollers we install. Our rollers can reduce noise by as much as 50% and will improve the efficiency and life-expectancy of your door system.
A common question we get is, “when my garage door system operates it is very loud, is it possible to make it quieter?” And the answer to this is in most cases we can! Our unique Tune-up service includes a 24-point inspection of your door system and usually solves most major excessive sound issues. The best medicine for your door is taking a preventative approach to avoiding common problems just like loud noises. Call us today and we will fix you up!
If your garage door is hard to lift or seems heavy when you try to open it manually, that is not normal. You probably need a re-balancing of the door and tightening of the springs. Be careful about running your motor when the door is not balanced as this can cause premature wear and tear on the motor itself and lead to further problems down the road. Re-balancing a garage door is a common problem in Austin but tightening the springs can be a tricky and dangerous procedure and should only be done by a trained professional.
If your garage door opens halfway and gets stuck or immediately reverses when going down, then you most likely have a common side-effect of not having regular maintenance done on your garage door. You will probably need a re-balancing of the door, lubrication, and force adjustment on the motor. These are all common preventative maintenance items that our Tune-Up service can provide to ensure the long-term health of your garage door system.

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